Carolina Ships in Bottles - Handcrafted by Jim "Goose" GoodwinCarolina Ships in Bottles - Not only a piece of art, but a piece of history
Welcome to Carolina Ships in Bottles. Please take your time and browse through the selection of individually handcrafted pieces. Each vessel is researched to be historically accurate. The glass bottles that the ships are in may vary. The history script describing the vessel is laminated to the base of the bottle. Not only is a ship in bottle a piece of maritime art, it is also a piece of history.

You can open the various categories by clicking a picture to the right. Link to the 22 minute Woodwright’s Shop Episode where Jim shows the process is below as well as his involvement with the ships in bottles in the Dreamworks’ film The Lovely Bones.

You can follow Jim’s creations and participating shows on his Facebook page:

If you would like to purchase a particular piece, or if you would like to place a special order, please let me know.

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