Carolina Ships in Bottles - Handcrafted by Jim "Goose" GoodwinCarolina Ships in Bottles - Not only a piece of art, but a piece of history

No Quarter Given
What every self-respectin' pirate reads.

John's Nautical and Boatbuilding Page
The mother of all maritime links!

NC Maritime Museum
A great place to visit. The Museum has an active Boatbuilding program, and offers many Environmental Education programs, including the Cape Lookout Studies program, which operates from a remote facility on North Carolina's Outer Banks.
Schooner Man "is a site for you if you love the sight of the schooner on the sea.

Folk art in bottles
Greg's site is devoted to all aspects of the bottled craft.

Carolina Living History Guild
Educates the public on the role of mariners in American History
Mary Warsaw's site is devoted to the history of Beaufort, NC

Ocracoke Folk School
Preserving island traditions & history.